Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Siconnex manufactures wet chemical equipment that enables cost-effective and environmentally friendly microchip production.

Wet chemistry equipment for the semiconductor industry

With our expansive install base Siconnex is a trusted name in the semiconductor industry and offers cutting-edge solutions for etching, cleaning, and resist stripping applications. Our innovative semiconductor manufacturing equipment prioritize cost-effectiveness and sustainability, promising substantial savings for leading companies worldwide who rely on our pioneering ideas.

Equipment for every wafer fabrication step

Wafer Manufacturing
Front End of Line
Back End of Line

Take advantage of Siconnex equipment

Siconnex’s BATCHSPRAY® Acid, Clean, and Solvent products find applications across various sectors of the semiconductor industry, with each solution customized to meet specific requirements of our customers. However, one aspect remains constant – our commitment to deliver outstanding quality.

Optimized for maximum throughput
Minimized consumption of process media
Optimized use of floor space
Minimizing waste treatment

Various applications for wafer processing

Siconnex offers a wide variety of wet processing systems to meet a broad spectrum of customer requirements. By concentrating on BATCHSPRAY® technology, we attain exceptional process results and continuously strive to make improvements to ensure the highest quality.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to Siconnex.

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Quality Standards

High-quality equipment are our promise

Our equipment lives up to every expectation outlined on paper. We are committed to this approach, ensuring that only impeccable products exit our production line, meeting the most stringent quality standards. With proper maintenance and support, our systems offer an extended service life. Ongoing quality control, assurance, and continuous research are integral to Siconnex, ensuring the best possible results for you. That’s our promise.

Industry standards
Semiconductor jobs

Shape your career

People are the most valuable asset we have, as they deliver our quality objectives, dedicate their time, knowledge and motivation to their work.


Green Goals. Yellow Solutions.

Technology is all around us, shaping our daily lives and making them better. Siconnex is redefining progress by merging technology and sustainability, no longer presenting them as opposites. Sustainable technology for the progress of tomorrow.

Jun 24

Siconnex wins gold at the 2024 Export Award

With great joy and pride, we announce that Siconnex has won the prestigious 2024 Export Award by Außenwirtschaft Austria in the Handcraft & Trade category.

Apr 24

SiC semiconductors: Key technology for sustainable electronics

Where silicon reaches its physical limits, silicon carbide opens up new possibilities.

Feb 24

The French Embassy at Siconnex

Find out why they visited us and what role Siconnex plays in the French semiconductor market.

We are here to listen.