Made in Austria

Highest quality

Siconnex offers semiconductor wet process equipment for surface processing of a wide variety of products such as MEMS, power semiconductors, analog/mixed signal, III-V semiconductors, SiC, GaN and many more. Siconnex semi-automated or fully automated BATCHSPRAY® products are characterised by low consumption of economic resources and superior process results.

Siconnex values

Completely 100% in-house

From start to finish, our expertise and production processes are completely in-house, guaranteeing quality at every stage.

Usage of high-quality materials and parts

We use top-notch materials and parts to ensure synergy with our in-house know-how and production, resulting in long-lasting quality.

Strategic procurement management

Strategic procurement: prioritizing safety, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Guiding our sourcing for optimal results.

Greatest asset: qualified employees

Our most valuable asset and critical resource: our highly qualified employees. Their expertise drives our in-house know-how and production, ensuring excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Siconnex research and development

The Siconnex research and development department continually strives to create additional innovations that provide benefits to our customers worldwide