Wet process equipment

Fully automated

The fully automated wet process equipment features high throughput. Our technology enables customers around the world to make their microchips competitive and ready for mass production.

BATCHSPRAY® Clean Autoload

BATCHSPRAY® Acid Autoload

BATCHSPRAY® Solvent Autoload

BATCHSPRAY® Acid/Solvent Autoload

BATCHSPRAY® Acid/Clean Autoload

Wet process equipment

Semi automated

Our semi-automated wet process equipment stands out for its high performance, efficient chemical recirculation, and a minimal footprint, optimizing space efficiency.




Product standards

Our products are optimized using pre-defined options upon customer request. We select the best raw materials and parts and guarantee the fastest possible production. The main product focus is to harmonize international standards with our high quality demands.

Standards guarantee

U.S. Standard
CE Standard
DNA of our equipment

BATCHSPRAY® Technology

BATCHSPRAY®, our core technology of all our wet chemistry equipment, offers efficient chemical-based cleaning, etching, rinsing, and drying within a versatile process chamber. It accommodates one carrier with 25 wafers or two carriers with 50 wafers and can run up to four chambers simultaneously, achieving throughputs of up to 600 wafers per hour.


Uptime is greater than 97%.

We use Beckhoff IPC with SSD HD (Raid) & Windows 10.

Yes, we use industry standard electrical parts in our equipment.

No proprietary parts are used, only OEM parts.

We use Brooks and Sinfonia load ports.

Our autoload system has ISO 2-3 cleanroom class.

We have a demo lab in Salzburg at our headquarters.

Every kind of etch and strip can be performed in our demo lab in Salzburg, Austria.

We have a light microscope, digital microscope, and thickness measurement.

Assembly and final testing of all equipment are performed at our headquarters in Austria.

A typical installation takes 3 weeks per module, followed by a joint process startup.

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