BATCHSPRAY® Technology

Discover the future of precision cleaning and etching with BATCHSPRAY® technology. Our closed system automates chemical processes, ensuring efficiency in cleaning, etching, rinsing, and drying. With autoload equipment, load up to four chambers simultaneously for throughput of up to 600 wafers per hour. Embrace simplicity and excellence with BATCHSPRAY®.

Increase process performance

Retainer Comb Handling System

Improve your processes with our systems. We maintain consistency by avoiding empty slots and using protective wafers on both sides. Achieve high throughput by handling the entire batch at once, and our non-stop operation ensures the next batch is prepared while the current one processes. It’s efficient, continuous performance made simple for success.


Green goals. Yellow solutions.

Embrace a greener approach to semiconductor manufacturing with our BATCHSPRAY® technology. We introduced „yellow solutions“ to save resources and reduce chemical usage, making the industry more eco-friendly.