Semiconductor equipment manufacturer

Discover Siconnex, a global manufacturer based in Austria, pioneering wet chemistry equipment for the semiconductor industry. Explore innovation, precision, and efficiency as Siconnex reshapes the landscape of semiconductor solutions worldwide.

Quality Standard

Our semi-automated and fully automated BATCHSPRAY® products stand out for their impressive quality, ensuring minimal resource consumption and superior process outcomes. Experience the next level of efficiency and precision with Siconnex’s stunning quality products.


Our cutting-edge solutions redefine industry standards, bringing efficiency, precision, and unparalleled quality to the forefront of technology. Explore the latest advancements shaping the semiconductor landscape, exclusively from Siconnex.


Explore the future of semiconductor solutions with Siconnex at upcoming events around the globe. Save the dates and witness our groundbreaking innovations at the next event.


From cutting-edge developments to interviews, our video content offers a front-row seat to the recent developments of Siconnex.

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