BATCHSPRAY® Technology

Our innovative BATCHSPRAY® technology is based on a closed system, in which chemical-based processes just like cleaning and etching are performed with high efficiency. These chemical processes are performed fully automatically. The process chamber can be designed for one batch with 25 wafers or two batches with 50 wafers. Thanks to our autoload equipment, up to four chambers can be loaded simultaneously to enable throughputs of up to 600 wafers per hour.


Reduced consumption

We have significantly reduced our consumption of chemicals and process media, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly approach.

Enhanced product quality

Improved semiconductor product quality with advanced technologies, boosting performance and reliability.

Minimization of waste

Our company specializes in innovative batch spray solutions for the minimization of waste, promoting sustainability at every step.

Improved user safety

Through cutting-edge advancements, we prioritize enhancing user safety, ensuring a secure and reliable handling.

Reduction in the required cleanroom space

With our equipment, we achieve a significant reduction in the required clean-room space for our customers, ensuring higher productivity per square meter.

BATCHSPRAY® Technology

Guarantees quality & saves resources

Multiple nozzles and wafer rotation ensure a consistent one percent uniform spray pattern of chemicals. Siconnex BATCHSPRAY® technology reduces total operating costs by up to 80% compared to wet benches.

Operating costs reduction*

*Compared to conventional wet benches


Uniform spray pattern

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BATCHSPRAY® Autoload 300