Sustainability for semiconductor industry

Green goals. Yellow solutions.

In today’s industrial landscape, sustainability has become a top priority across various sectors, including semiconductor manufacturing. Companies are increasingly focused on conserving resources and optimizing the use of costly chemicals. Siconnex, a forward-thinking company, foresaw this need for sustainability over two decades ago when it introduced its innovative BATCHSPRAY® technology. With its „yellow solutions“, Siconnex is transforming the industry towards greener production.

Reduce environmental impact of semiconductor manufacturing

Decrease chemical consumption


Save huge amount of water


Reduce harmful exhaust gases


Save energy



BATCHSPRAY® vs. wet bench

Batch spraying emerges as the greener choice, conserving chemicals and water, while reducing waste, and contributing to environmental preservation.



Reduction of footprint
Reduction of electricity
Reduction of exhaust consumption
Reduction of process media

Compared to conventional wet benches


perc™ application

Reduction of waste treatment
Reduction of Chemical Consumption

Compared to conventional cleaning systems


SicOzone application

Reduction of chemical consumption
Reduction of waste treatment

Compared to conventional wet benches


Sustainable corporate initiatives

Car fleet

Green commuting excellence

Our electric cars facilitate sustainable commuting between the Hof and Thalgau locations. This eco-friendly initiative underscores our commitment to sustainable mobility, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions on the commuting route.


Renewable energy commitment

We use 100% of renewable energy, primarily sourced from hydropower, for both production and administration, exemplifying our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Local sourcing

Focus on local materials and parts

We source our parts and materials from the local vicinity, eliminating unnecessary transportation, and reducing CO2 emissions — a commitment to environmental responsibility in our production practices.

Green developments



SicOzone stands out in the industry with its peerless efficiency in clean and strip applications. Its uniqueness lies in its high efficacy, making it a standout choice to bring sustainability in semiconductor industry.



percTM enables simple and flexible polymer removal. Due to its unique process flexibility its used to remove any kind of polymer residues after dry etching processes like metal-, oxide-, silicon- or VIA etching.



Our core technology is used in all our equipment and provides efficient chemical-based cleaning, etching, rinsing, and drying within a versatile process chamber. It can operate up to four chambers simultaneously, delivering throughputs of up to 600 wafers per hour.

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