Retainer Comb Handling System

Optimize your process performance

The optimal process performance is achieved by the highest possible opening area. In order to reach consistent results for every wafer, the batch processing does not contain empty slots and utilizes a protective wafer on both sides. This is possible due to the simple design with the three independent retainer combs. A high throughput is ensured since the entire batch is handled in one step. While one batch is being processed, the next batch is already being prepared, allowing the chambers to run non-stop.

Features and benefits of the retainer comb handling system

Compatible with all Siconnex equipment

Our Retainer Comb Handling System is designed to be fully compatible with all Siconnex equipment, providing you with a comprehensive and integrated solution for your wafer processing needs.

Suitable for 50 wafer 8” or 25 wafer 12”

Versatility is key in wafer processing, and our equipment delivers just that. Whether you need to process 50 wafer 8” or 25 wafer 12”, our equipment is fully suitable for both scenarios.

25 wafer handler transfers

With our advanced 25 wafer handler transfer, you can experience a significant boost in efficiency, as entire batches are completed in one step. This revolutionary capability streamlines your production process, saving valuable time and resources.

Continuous tracking

Maintaining a pulse on your wafer processing progress is vital for efficient operations. With built-in Wafer detection on the handler and at the wafer station, you can achieve continuous tracking and real-time insights into your production status.

Optimal chemistry exchange on the wafer

The incorporation of a maximum opening area in our equipment is a proof to our commitment to achieve superior results. By ensuring optimal chemistry exchange on the wafer surface, we guarantee precision and consistency in each processing step.

Compressing or shielding the batch

When it comes to ensuring consistent conditions throughout your batch, we offer a thoughtful solution. You have the option of compressing and/or shielding the batch with protective wafers, both at the front and rear ends, guaranteeing uniformity in every wafer’s treatment.

Optional automation features

Dedicated handlers for dirty in/clean out handling

For enhanced wafer handling efficiency, we offer dedicated handlers specifically designed for dirty in/clean out processes. These specialized handlers ensure optimal cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination, maintaining the highest standards of wafer integrity.

Dedicated handlers for left and right process chamber

To capture your unique process requirements, our equipment includes dedicated handlers for both left and right process chambers. This tailored approach maximizes workflow flexibility, enabling seamless integration into your existing setup for improved productivity and convenience.

Retainer Comb Handling

Increase your throughput

The Retainer Comb Handling (RCH) system combines optimum process performance, high throughput and simple design for all Siconnex Autoload Equipment.

Open surface
Chemical exchange increase

*Compared to conventional processes without Retainer Comb Handling System

Impressive advantages with the patented development from Siconnex

The Retainer Comb Handling system lifts the whole batch at once including front and rear protective wafers. This means a batch of 27 12“ wafers or 52 8“ wafers can be handled simultaneously. To ensure the highest-possible process output, the batch is compressed with a single wafer handler to eliminate empty slots before the process starts. During the process, the Retainer Comb Handling system prepares the next batch on the wafer station for continuous processing. A significant advantage Retainer Comb Handling system‘s patented technology is that the same process conditions for temperature, flow and chemical exchange are guaranteed for every wafer, thanks to the large opening area.


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