A fully automated solution.

Siconnex BATCHSPRAY® Autoload is used to automatically load and unload acid and solvent systems with the patented Retainer Comb Handling (RCH) System. The effective use of our fully automated robot systems enables very high throughputs to be achieved, while the closed design helps to keep the products clean. Available for 8“ and 12“ substrate sizes.


  • Impressive process performance with the patented RCH System
  • Automated dry-in, dry-out process
  • Compatibility with SMIF, FOUP and standard carriers
  • Throughput of up to 200 wph
  • Equipment footprint < 11 m2
  • Fully automated robot loading
  • Flush mounting possible thanks to the completely enclosed design

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  • Metal Etch (Al, Cu, Ti, Au, Ni,…) with End Point Detection
  • III/V Etch (GaAs, AlGaAs, InGaP,…)
  • Oxide Etch
  • Freckle Etch
  • Germanium Etch
  • Silicon Backside Etch
  • Siliconnitride Etch
  • Aluminiumnitride Etch
  • UBM Etch (Ag, Ni, Ti,..)
  • Glass Etch
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  • SicOzone Clean
  • SicOzone + Ultra Diluted Clean Applications
  • Contact Cleans
  • Organic Removal & Clean
  • Etch Residue Clean
  • Post Ash Residue Clean
  • Hydrogen Fluoride Last
  • Prediffusion Cleans
  • Field Cleans (Organic & Inorganic Cleans)
  • Polymer Clean
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Resist Strip

  • SicOzone Strip
  • Positive and Negative Resist Strip
  • Implanted Photo Resist Strip
  • Sulfurice Ozone Mixture Strip
  • Resist Rework

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Resist Developing

  • Photoresist Developing

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