Our customers‘ PRODUCTS are diverse.

Just like our equipment.

Whatever you produce, we have exactly the equipment you need. Siconnex BATCHSPRAY® Acid and Solvent are used in all areas of the semiconductor industry and are always tailored to our customers’ needs. One thing, however, stays constant – their outstanding quality.

BATCHSPRAY® equipment can make the production of a wide range of products more efficient. In particular, it enables:

  • Reduced use of chemicals and process media
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Minimisation of scrap
  • Improved user safety
  • Reduction in the required cleanroom space

The ability to combine up to five processes provides incredible potential for increased efficiency and optimisation, even in the case of short production runs. The versatility of our technology allows our customers across the world to mass-produce their special products and make them competitive.

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Siconnex EQUIPMENT is tailor-made for you.

Siconnex's solutions are driven by our customers.

Customer needs are our top priority and are at the centre of all our decisions and everything we do. We work together with you to develop and custom-build the optimal product to suit your needs. In order to meet the very highest quality standards, we are constantly enhancing our products and processes. We select the optimal raw materials and parts and guarantee fast implementation and short project turnaround times, including commissioning.

The Siconnex product roadmap. Our EVOLUTION.

It is vital to learn and keep on innovating. Our roadmap and the quality of our products today are testament to our constant progress. In addition, we are continuing to build upon our position as a supplier of processes and production equipment to ensure that we can offer our customers even more versatile solutions and meet their individual needs.

BATCHSPRAY<span class="symbols">®</span> ACID
BATCHSPRAY<span class="symbols">®</span> SOLVENT
BATCHSPRAY<span class="symbols">®</span> CLEAN AUTOLOAD
BATCHSPRAY<span class="symbols">®</span> ACID AUTOLOAD
BATCHSPRAY<span class="symbols">®</span> ACID 2.0
BATCHSPRAY<span class="symbols">®</span> SOLVENT 2.0
BATCHSPRAY<span class="symbols">®</span> SOLVENT AUTOLOAD


Company foundation, sale of batch spray semiconductor equipment, spare parts and services


200 mm for etching, ozone cleaning and stripping


up to 200 mm for solvent-based cleaning and stripping


200 mm for ozone cleaning and stripping using a four-chamber system for high throughput


300 mm for etching, ozone cleaning and stripping using a two-chamber system


up to 300 mm for etching, ozone cleaning and stripping


up to 300 mm for solvent-based cleaning and stripping


300 mm for solvent-based cleaning and stripping using a two-chamber system

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