The proven benefits of our etching processes include saving on chemicals and process media, enhancing product quality, achieving zero-defect production targets, and increasing operational safety. Learn more about our etching equipment and potential processes with BATCHSPRAY® etching systems.

Possible processes with BATCHSPRAY® etching systems

► Aluminium Nitride Etch
► Barrier Etch
► Copper Seed Etch
► Freckle Etch
► Germanium Etch
► Glass Etch
► Metal Etch (Al, Cu, Ti, Au, Ni, ...)
► Silicon Backside Etch
► Silicon Stress Relief
► Silicon Nitride Etch
► UBM Etch (Ag, Ni, Ti...)
► Compound Semiconductor Etch (GaAs, AlGaAs, Oxide Etch InGaP,...)
Etching example


Etching of the metal layer

Etching example

PR Strip

Clean with Ozone and Water removes the photoresist strip.

Etching example


Drying process with hydrogen.

Etching example


Etching of any kind of metal types is easily achieved through wet processing. To ensure precise etching, it is essential to use a BATCHSPRAY® approach. This method is particularly common with aluminum and its alloys, such as AlCu, AlSi, or AlSiCu. By optimizing chemical exchange homogeneity between the wafer and from wafer to wafer, non-uniformities of less than 3% can be achieved.

Etching example

Freckle Etch

Performing an AlSi etch means that silicon (Si) grains from the alloy remain on the etched area. To remove these Si residues, a freckle etch is conducted.

Etching example

Barrier Etch

Barrier layers protect the silicon or underneath layers from diffusing aluminum. They can be etched as a follow-up step following the AlSi and Freckle etch processes.

Etching example

PR Strip

Finally, the photoresist is stripped either via SicOzone process or by solvent based medias.

Suitable Equipment

Equipment for etching applications

Acid Autoload

Acid/Solvent Autoload

Acid/Clean Autoload

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