General features

Throughput up to 150 wph

Intelligent wafer handling meets experienced wafer processing.


Once the batch is transferred to the chamber, the process flow is automated through several process steps.

Footprint 2 m²

Small process module footprint combined with smart wafer handling.

Processes on SiC/GaN

Processes for SiC and GaN substrates are available.

Chemical recirculation by tank system

Recirculation of the chemical provides a stable temperature and concentration condition.

25 or 50 wafer chamber available
Extractable process chamber

Extractable process chamber for easy servicing.

ATEX safety standard
DNA of our equipment

BATCHSPRAY® Technology

BATCHSPRAY®, our core technology of all our wet chemistry equipment, offers efficient chemical-based cleaning, etching, rinsing, and drying within a versatile process chamber. It accommodates one carrier with 25 wafers or two carriers with 50 wafers and can run up to four chambers simultaneously, achieving throughputs of up to 600 wafers per hour.

Wafer size

Wafer materials

Feasible applications

Resist Strip

Suitable features

DIW Spiking

Green Goals. Yellow Solutions.

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The tank size is 20 liters.

For the drying process, we inject hot nitrogen into the chamber while spinning the wafers at very high speeds.

Inline heaters are used to heat the chemicals.

10-inch filters can be used.

By enabling CO2, it is injected into the DIW flow to prevent corrosion of metals.