General features

Non-uniformity <1%

Controlled wafer rotation combined with smart chemical spray gain leads to excellent uniformity.

Throughput up to 150 wph

Intelligent wafer handling meets experienced wafer processing.


Once the batch is transferred to the chamber, the process flow is automated through several process steps.

Footprint 2 m²

Small process module footprint combined with smart wafer handling.

Chemical recirculation by tank system

Recirculation of the chemical provides a stable temperature and concentration condition.

Processes on SiC/GaN

Processes for SiC and GaN substrates are available.

Extractable process chamber

Extractable process chamber for easy servicing.

25 or 50 wafer chamber available
DNA of our equipment

BATCHSPRAY® Technology

BATCHSPRAY®, our core technology of all our wet chemistry equipment, offers efficient chemical-based cleaning, etching, rinsing, and drying within a versatile process chamber. It accommodates one carrier with 25 wafers or two carriers with 50 wafers and can run up to four chambers simultaneously, achieving throughputs of up to 600 wafers per hour.

Wafer size

Wafer materials

Feasible applications

Resist Strip

Suitable features


Efficiency has a name

This semi-automated single-chamber system features all types of wet etch processes for different wafer sizes from 2“ to 12“ substrates and highly precise in-tank chemical mixing. The integrated end point detection (EPD) and chemical recirculation delivers excellent etching uniformity together with chemical savings. In addition, the SicOzone resist strip can be applied within the same chamber, which allows for greater flexibility and fewer handling steps.

Green Goals. Yellow Solutions.

Technology is all around us, shaping our daily lives and making them better. Siconnex is redefining progress by merging technology and sustainability, no longer presenting them as opposites. Sustainable technology for the progress of tomorrow. Green Goals. Yellow Solutions.


For drying, hot nitrogen is injected into the chamber by spinning the wafers with very high and low rotation steps.

A standard rinse sequence controlled by the software ensures that wafers and the chamber are rinsed thoroughly.

There are 4 tanks available within the equipment.

The tank size is 16 liters for standard tanks and 32 liters for high volume tanks.

Inline heaters are used to heat the tanks.

10-inch filters can be used.

One process per tank, and there are four tanks. Up to 7 processes can be combined with Ozone and its features.

Yes, the only limitation is the temperature, which is limited to 120°C.

The chemical concentration monitoring interface (hardware and software) is standard on each process tank, with the probe to be supplied by the customer.

The DI carboniser device is standard in our BATCHSPRAY® Solvent configuration and optional in the BATCHSPRAY® Acid configuration.

If the exposed metal layers are compatible, we use our SicOzone process. If they are not, it is possible to use a non-flammable stripper that remains compatible with a Non-Atex-Platform.

perc™ stands for Post Etch Residues Clean, and it’s a patented Siconnex process that enables the replacement of traditional solvents for polymer removal with a more sustainable and cost-effective approach.