Jan 2024

Stäubli Robotics honors Siconnex

Stäubli Robotics awards honors in Austria for outstanding automation projects.

Siconnex emerges as the winner in the Business Performance category at the Stäubli Robotics Partner Award in Austria.

In our fully automated production line, the Stäubli cleanroom robot TX2-160 plays a crucial role by transporting wafers from the load port to the process chamber. This enables our semiconductor industry customers to competitively manufacture their products in large quantities.

„We express gratitude to Stäubli Robotics for the award and, especially, for the outstanding collaboration in recent years,“ says Fabio Wörndl, Co-CEO & CMO of Siconnex.

Fabio Wörndl, Co-CEO & CMO of Siconnex, and Rudolf Staffler, Stäubli Robotics Manager of Sales Austria, during the Partner Award presentation.