DIW Spiking

Real-Time H₂O concentration monitoring

The monitoring of H₂O concentration in the solvent plays a critical role in our process control strategy. We implement real-time observation to ensure that any variations in water concentration are immediately detected. This real-time observation enables us to initiate automatic spike reactions, ensuring that the solvent volume remains within the specified parameters. By continually monitoring and responding to changes in H₂O concentration, we maintain a high level of precision and consistency in our processes.

Features and benefits of DIW spiking

► Fully automated DIW spiking
► No need for manual trigger
► Less than 200ml of DIW per spike
► Real time H₂O observation for immediate, automatic spike reaction
► Significant reduction of chemical cost by tank lifetime extension

Tank lifetime extension

Extending the tank’s operational lifetime results in significantly reduced chemical expenses. This cost-saving approach optimizes resource utilization and positively impacts the budget, making it a financially sustainable choice for long-term industrial operations.

Monitoring H₂O concentration

Real-time observation ensures immediate detection of any variations in water concentration. This enables us to initiate automatic corrective actions to ensure that the solvent volume remains within the specified parameters shown on the graph.

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