General features

Non-uniformity <1%

Controlled wafer rotation combined with smart chemical spray gain leads to excellent uniformity.

Throughput up to 300 wph

Intelligent wafer handling meets experienced wafer processing.

Fully automated

A robot transfers the wafer batch from loadport into the process chamber.

2 clean process chambers

Thanks to a clever assembly of process modules, we achieve two process chambers.

Footprint <12 m²

Small process module footprint combined with smart wafer handling.

Processes on SiC/GaN

Processes for SiC and GaN substrates are available.

Chemical recirculation by tank system

Recirculation of the chemical provides a stable temperature and concentration condition.

Optional automation features

Dedicated handlers for dirty in/clean out handling

For enhanced wafer handling efficiency, we offer dedicated handlers specifically designed for dirty in/clean out processes. These specialized handlers ensure optimal cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination, maintaining the highest standards of wafer integrity.

Dedicated handlers for left and right process chamber

To capture your unique process requirements, our equipment includes dedicated handlers for both left and right process chambers. This tailored approach maximizes workflow flexibility, enabling seamless integration into your existing setup for improved productivity and convenience.

DNA of our equipment

BATCHSPRAY® Technology

BATCHSPRAY®, our core technology of all our wet chemistry equipment, offers efficient chemical-based cleaning, etching, rinsing, and drying within a versatile process chamber. It accommodates one carrier with 25 wafers or two carriers with 50 wafers and can run up to four chambers simultaneously, achieving throughputs of up to 600 wafers per hour.

Wafer size

Wafer materials

Feasible applications

Resist Strip

Suitable features

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Cross contamination is prevented by the utilization of dedicated process modules and segregated wafer handling systems.