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Cleaning and etching tasks with hazardous wet chemicals are performed safely and efficiently within a completely closed system. All processes from chemical to final rinsing and drying are fully automated, ensuring repeatable processes and uniformities below 1%.

Siconnex BATCHSPRAY® systems support a wide range of applications from mass production to R&D and prototyping.

Process chemicals are stored and temperature controlled in a encapsulated compartment. The chemicals are sprayed into a closed process chamber via pump and filter. Various nozzles ensure a uniform spray pattern. Wafers rotate during chemical spraying to ensure best results with regard to uniformity. The chemicals can either be recirculated or used once only.

The process chamber houses either 1 carrier with 25 wafers or 2 carriers with 50 wafers in the manual load system.

Siconnex Autoload Systems houses 1 to 4 process chambers and achieve throughputs up to 400 wph.

Siconnex BATCHSPRAY® technology reduces the relevant cost of ownership figures by 80% compared with a wet bench. Important financial aspects like footprint costs, waferscrap, process media costs and operator costs can be greatly reduced by using Siconnex BATCHSPRAY® technology.

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