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Siconnex Mission: Wet Bench Free Fab

Productivity, cost efficiency, workplace security and sustainability are of crucial importance to each...[more]


2012 Perspective

In 2011 Siconnex won 6 additional European semiconductor manufacturing companies as new customers, following...[more]


Metal Lift-Off article – press release

Single Wafer solvent applications are becoming more and more relevant for the MEMS industry. As a...[more]


Siconnex develops Metal Lift-Off Process on Single Wafer system (VERTICAL 200 Platform)

The VERTICAL 200 SOLVENT system has been installed in the Siconnex Process laboratory since June 2011. This...[more]


Siconnex at SEMICON EUROPA 2011

SEMICON EUROPA 2011, DRESDEN, from 11th to 13th of October 2011Siconnex exhibited at the SEMICON EUROPA 2011...[more]


Siconnex joins the MEMS INDUSTRY GROUP

Siconnex is now member of the MEMS Industry Group (MIG). It is a trade association with the goal of promoting...[more]


50 Wafer sytems are now available in the Salzburg laboratory

Siconnex has installed a new PRODUCE ACID system in the laboratory for 50 wafer processes capable of running...[more]

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